Cardman takes over sales for the BusinessCard

Cardman Försäljning AB takes over the whole system for BusinessCard-Online
in Sweden, Norway, Finland and the Baltic States.

The Revenue Commissioners have under the new regulation changed the conditions for the sale of services within the EU.

All customers that have previously been invoiced by “World Management Holding OÜ”/BusinessCard-Estonia, will, from 2010-01-01 to be billed by Cardman Försäljning AB in Sweden. The invoices will be subject to additional featuring Swedish VAT.

  • Payment will be made against the bank transfer,
    -a long overdue post from our customers.
  • Our current customers have the option to terminate the subscription with no annual fee.

We hope that none of this change will cause any major problems for our customers. Otherwise the service name card online be unchanged.

With kind regards

Åke Larsson

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