BusinessCard offers a service on the Internet that makes it possible to order 100 business cards for 333 kr
with very high quality

Our service includes

  • Online service
  • Order 24/7
  • Press 4-color
  • 2-sides
  • shipping
  • service charge *

How many times you want, how many you want.

We establish an account and original business card on the Internet. You log in, create and modify tasks for all employees. No restriction in the number of employees. All changes are online and proofs are available for download in PDF format for printing.

  • Rational handling
  • Information changes online
  • Control on the design after the company's profile
  • The subscription provides access to order 24 hours a day
  • The system offers smart logistics and saves a lot of time
  • We are responsible for technology, logistics, printing and delivery
  • You order when needed
The subscription runs annually with calendar years and the period of notice is one month-that is, the termination shall be made not later than 30 november of the following year.
The annual fee is 395 SEK/year, (295 SEK/year for subsidiaries), see prices.

* Note to group with subsidiaries, no service charge.
* The exception group with the requirement for a separate invoice to the respective subsidiaries.