333 kr [SEK]
per 100 business cards

• 4-color 2-sides • shipping • invoicing charge.


There are two types of subscriptions, BASIC or CONCERN.

  • BASIC – companies with one business address, common to all staff.
  • CONCERN – with subsidiaries or several different business addresses.
    Subsidiary within the Concern (or Group) may have their own layout of business card.
Type of subscriptionEntry feeAnnual fee
Invoicing charge:0:-
for each subsidiary of a Concern:995:-295:-
Invoicing charge:
 Concern invoiced for all subsidiary.
Invoicing charge:
 Separate invoice for each subsidiary.
45:-/ invoice and subsidiary

Then you only need to order 100 business cards for 333:- [SEK]
How many times you want, how many you want.
Included: 4-colour, 2-pages, shipping and invoicing charge.

In a subscription includes:

  • A print test
  • A business card template
  • The first year’s annual fee
  • Account on the Internet with database for all staff

AdditionsEntry feeAnnual fee
Extra template of business card.1300:-
Picture-DATABASE: Personal picture on business card1500:-150:-
Each picture upload150:-
Supplement per 100 cards for:
Coated or special paper.

Printper 100 st.
Business Card:
Included: 4-colours, 2-pages, invoicing charge and shipping**.

Subscription runs annually with calendar years and the period of notice is one month-that is, the termination shall be made not later than 30 november of the following year.

* The price refers to whether the subsidiary uses the same visitkortslayout as the group. 
Own layout for subsidiaries apply price for business card template that everyone in the group can anmvända.
* * Shipping within Scandinavia and the Baltics

All prices excl. sales tax. Currency [SEK].